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Roger Hill's web site
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Click on the pictures below to see more of my images of what is pictured.

Welcome to my web site!

I am the proud owner of a backyard observatory.  It is nothing special, just an 8 foot by 6 foot roll-off-roof type.  What it allows me to do, though, is special.  When I built it, I extended my local area network out to it (token ring, at the time, now ethernet).  I have a computer in it that is permanently on (doing SETI@Home), that I hook up to a Philips Vesta Pro 690 webcam.  At the moment, the camera I have is unmodified (but that will change).  It is attached to my orange C-8

At first, the camera had a 1.25inch barrel taped to it, so it was not properly set with the chip perpendicular to the light path.  As such, the images were never quite as good as they could have been.  Given this limitation, the images I have managed to produce are quite remarkable. 

Recently, the guts of the camera were placed into an old case for a surveillance camera, so the webcam can take a c-mount lens.  The spacing is not right, though, so I cannot use it with c-mount lenses (or pentax thread lenses with a t-c adapter).


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